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    I am looking for a quality tablet that will allow me to surf the web, do email, play games, and run game emulators like the playstation one easily. I defiantly want it to be able to run the emulators well, since that is a big reason I want to get an android over just getting an ipad. I also am looking for one that won't be beyond outdated in just a years time. Price isn't much of an obstacle but I don't want to spend money just for the sack of doing so. I was looking into the transformer prime, but with all the wifi issues, I just don't think its worth the money to pay for a misdesigned tablet. With the new tablets coming out in Q2 or late 2012, I am not sure its worth just waiting or not. Since the tablets I know will be better, but I rather not spend 600 on a tablet just because it has a quad core and a better screen. Thanks for the advice.

    Things I Want in a Tablet
    - Any screen size
    - At least 16GB of internal space and the ability of an external SD card.
    - Capacitive touchscreen, please.
    - 3.5mm headphone jack.
    - The ability to use some Android home replacement apps such as GO Launcher, Launcher Pro, etc.
    - Wifi compatible.

    Things I Want to Use the Tablet For
    - Gaming. I really want to use the old console emulators. Plus gaming apps.
    - Note taking.
    - Media. Not so much music, but I want to view movies and videos. Also watching videos online from websites.
    - eBooks. I'd like to be able to read books
    - Facebook
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