After removing protection cover, the screen is black

Discussion in 'Ployer Momo Tablets' started by Karikato, Nov 18, 2012.

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    MOMO11 Speed, Motorola Milestone

    I've just bought a Ployer Momo11 Bird Edition and I was so excited to try it out!
    I looked in the options and tried some things out and then thought, that the protection cover of the front display is not very good, because the display not always react and the foil was not so good to slide with the finger on it.
    So I removed it. And then, my problem started.
    The screen turned half black and the rest of the screen went after some time black too.

    And now, the screen is black, but I see, that the backgroundlights are on.
    And I can do nothing.

    Please, do someone know, how I could possibly fix this?

    I fixed it. It helped to decharge the battery completely and recharge it. After I started recharging, it booted! :)
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