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    Ainol Novo 7 ELF – 7 inch HD (1024*600) Android 4.0 Tablet PC with 1GB DDR3 RAM
    ARM A10 Many CORE 2160P 2MP Front Camera HDMI 8GB: $219, On Sale Now: $149.99
    from ***** Tablet
    The Ainol Novo 7 Elf Edition has an ultra powerful All winner Many CORE A10 1.2GHz (ARM Based, not MIPS based). The Ainol Novo 7 ELF runs the latest Google Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system (one of the first Google Authorized tablet running Android 4.0 ICS), features a multi-touch 7-inch high resolution 1024 x 600 display, plays 4X full HD video, and has a front facing 2 mega pixel camera for taking picture, shooting video, and video conferencing.Ainol NOVO 7 ELF was released by our partner Ainol on January 14, 2012, just before Chinese New Year. It’s the replacement of the the fairly popular Novo 7 Advanced Editions.
    Ainol NOVO 7 ELF has an ultra powerful Many Core A10 1.2Ghz CPU, the type of CPU that is typically found in 9.7″ Capacitive tablets. The NOVO ELF Edition runs Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, features a multi-touch 7-inch high resolution 1024 x 600 display, adopts the Many CORE A10 1.2GHz A10 processor, a Mali-400 GPU.
    Ainol NOVO 7 ELF tablet also features a 2.0MP front camera (something that the NOVO 7 Paladin does not have), and supports 2160p Super HD video playback. With the 3G (with external dongle) and Wi-Fi connection, you can browsing the web anywhere and anytime.
    Ainol NOVO 7 ELF also has other functions, such as HDMI output, OTG Function, E-book reader, audio and video playback and so on.
    Ainol NOVO 7 ELF Android 4.0.3 tablet is powered by 3700 mAh battery for longer battery life (Music 25 hours, Games 6 hours, Web 7 hours, video 8 hours).

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    NOVO 7
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    Ainol Novo 7 Elf Tablet - Android 4.0.3 IPS Cortex A10 Reviews

    - there are no hardware volume toggle keys!
    - there is no accelerometer (there is a g-sensor)
    - there is no ambient light sensor
    - no DC power adapter included in the box
    - no bluetooth although some menu mentions having bluetooth, there is really none
    - no andriod market access
    - cannot sync with your google account (gmail, calendar does not work)
    - don't expect too much from the battery

    What's good:

    - great screen resolution, it's clear and bright
    - no propitiatory ports! great expandability
    - interface is fast and responsive
    - reasonable gaming experience
    - comes with its own version of market where you can download apps (everything is in Chinese, so it's a steep learn curve for those who can't read Chinese)
    - all apps in its apps market are free, and you can find most of what you need there (just search)
    - great for internet, gaming, ebooks, movies, tv companion, presentation tool

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