Ainol Novo Aurora II or Ainol Novo Fire/Flame?

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Which Of The Following Will Better Suit My Needs And Offer Best Value For Money?

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  1. Ainol Novo Aurora II

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  2. Ainol Novo Fire/Flame

  3. Google Nexus 7

  4. ASUS TF300

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    Good day and Happy New Year people!

    Initially I wanted to get ASUS TF300 on Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping sprees but by waiting more for better deal I supposedly missed a good deal which was $287 (opened box condition).

    Now I did not really need tablet that bad but just for educational, productivity and mainly business use while not for gaming so the former is what I actually look for in tablet to allow me. What is important to me is HDMI-out port for external viewing and streaming of YouTube for example content and that's why I decided on ASUS TF300. If it was not for HDMI-out port, I would buy Google Nexus 7 because it is cheaper.

    I have set my eye on Ainol Novo Aurora II and Fire/Flame because they have great IPS screens, can playback movies smoothly, both have nice dual cores with 1.5GHz each, front 2MP and back 5MP (less important) cameras and respectable 5000 mAh batteries to last for over one day with less than moderate use, although they lack GPS but so what? - I have smartphone with GPS but should I assume above mentioned Ainol models will offer best value for money and having HDMI-out port be similar to ASUS TF300 (ignoring its quad-cores of course)?

    However Ainol models mentioned here, have their problems and after doing some research, let me outline some which are relevant to Ainol Novo Fire/Flame:

    1. Low frequency sound from speakers
    2. Clicks heard from speakers from time to time
    3. Low frequency sound is heard after recording video/voice which defeats the purpose (don't know about Skype though)
    4. Touch screen's involuntary activity (can be fixed with custom firmware reflashing)
    5. Some Google Play apps not supported (can be fixed with custom firmware reflashing)
    6. Tablet shuts off before even reaching to the point of discharge warning

    I may have missed something and if so, you are welcome to chime in. I am also concerned about reliability of NAND memory and battery Aurora II and Fire/Flame use. If anybody wishes in general to add something regarding ASUS TF300, Nexus 7 and Ainol Novo models is very welcome to do so. By the way, I was told by Ainol sales representative that Aurora II's production is discontinued :confused: and I wonder why it would...

    Though I saw some on Alibaba, I still would also like to be informed of reputable sellers to be trusted when buying tablets of brands like Ainol, PIPO, ICOO, Cube etc. Although Ainol have their own online store, I still see some people buy from various chinese ecommerce websites only to get frustrated or complain and wonder why not buy directly from manufacturer if such is allowed.
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