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    Hi, I am a new tablet users. I both on ebay an AISHON tablet model A25. It was supposed to come with a 4hours autonomy batt by after 45 minutes of web browsing the batt is dead..... so I looked on the net if it was possible to upgrade batteries and apparently yes.. I opened my tablet to see what kind of batt is in it and normally I am supposed to see the spec on the batt itself and nothing... In fact I was surprised to find 2 small batteries instead of one big battery... I took the measurements and each batt is 3.5mm by 70mm by 90mm. My total space avaialable in the tablet is 3.6mm by 100mm by 140mm. I am not sure what is the voltage both I took my multimeter and took the voltage from my board batt connection and I have 8.25volts..!!?? I am not sure if it a nominal batt of 11.1 volt and if the output on the board 8.25v ??? the other thing is that I have 2 batt... they are not looking connected on the same spot on the board. ...hummm . if I find my 10000mah I am not sure how to connect it. should I solder it in parallele on the 2 POS and the 2 NEG terminal on the board? Also my second issue is the GPS. it suppose to come with a GPS but my GPS APP is not working or detecting anything. I can see if there is a GPS in it? Is it possible to just buy a GPS ans solder it on the board? a25_1.JPG a25_2.JPG

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