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    This thread collects the most important information about the MID7042 in one place. The information written here belongs to their respective posters. Please take the time to thank them.

    Factory firmware images for Coby Generation 3 devices
    This is a factory image made my steev from system dumps. It has been modified to allow root.

    Custom ROM for Coby Kyros 7042 - Rooted, Deodexed, Google Play
    This is a custom ROM by steev with the following features:
    - Gapps + Google Play fix
    - Rooted
    - NetworkLocation service fixed (to pinpoint your location in apps like Google Maps)
    - Deodexed for easier modding/theming
    - Samsung Galaxy tab fingerprint for better app compatibility
    Some users are reporting random reboots using this ROM.

    Temp root and firmware dump instructions
    These are the instructions from steev for gaining temp root. It was mainly used to get firmware dumps. This is for advanced users.

    More or less a step by step to root and install GAPPS on the 7042
    This is a manual method for installing Google Play and other Google Apps by Patriotswrath. This is for advanced users. The custom firmware above is an easier method.

    Google Play App compatibility
    Here is a link post by steev on how to get missing Apps to show up in Google Play. This should only be used if you did not use the custom firmware.

    How to find external SD card/USB
    Patriotswrath explains how to find your external SD in ES File Explorer. USB drives will also be in the \mnt folder. These folders are read only on the stock firmware.

    Other tips
    Working Versions of Applications:
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    Coby Kyros MID9742, Lenovo Tab 4 (8"), numerous phones
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