Am i making the right choice?

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Discussions' started by Street E, Apr 30, 2011.

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    Hey guys finally found a good forum based purely on android tablets so this is probably the best place to ask.
    I have been wanting a tablet for a while now and managed to hold my self back from buying a cheapy zenithink and hold off for the asus units which have just been released, but i want to make sure im making the right choice as its an expensive unit and there is alot to choose from.
    Im generally an inpatient prick so speed of the device is a big one for me, i cant stand when things lag up or pause.

    The tablet is going to be used on a daily basis, it will live on my tool box and be used as a music player/ radio, as well as using spreedsheets and pdf books for product manuals ect.
    during breaks or in my spare time i want to browse the internet and answer emails ect as well as browse youtube or watch a nice movie at night in bed.
    I dont really care about gaming or a mass of features as it will only be getting a basic work out on those few features i listed above so i would rather a reliable powerfull unit over another unit with a million features i wont need.

    Im leaning towards the asus eee pad transformer as i have for quite a while now as the odd occasion i go to write emails i would prefer that netbook style keyboard over the on board touch screen.
    I am also aware you can get many blue tooth devices for other tablets so not ruling out other tabs just yet.

    Basically i want to know is the asus eee pad transformer a powerful unit, and will i be a bit future proofed for a good few years.

    Some other questions not related to a specific tab but i have heaps of bluray movies with digital copys, will i be able to transfer those digital copies onto either an sd card or usd flash drive to watch on the tablet with descent quality and no stuttering?

    Another big one, how hard would it be to pay some kid to make an app to backdoor my business website with onboard widgets for email display, order display ect ect so that every time i walk past the unit i can see if there is a new order and display it and get packing on it.

    Another i can think of at the moment if i had a wifi op printer would it be a simple double tab and print on a pdf page on the tablet and it would zip out on a printer on the other side of the workshop? or would this be a bluetooth thing?

    Sorry guys i know alot of questions but i want to make sure my tablet purchase is the right one because if it works the way i want it to, not only will it be a great media device to kill time and entertain myself and other it will make my business operations much more effeicient and easier to run.
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    Better question What don't I own, Oh a generic APAD
    The ASUS are great if you can get ahold of one. The problem is demand exceeded availability. The price is appropriate. The MSI which will be available later this year would also be a contender in the same price range.

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