Amazing Looking Tegra Optimized Game for Android in 2012: 'The Dark Meadow'

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    Update: This new video added to the story below is the official "Deluxe Edition" Android teaser, taken using the Tegra optimized graphics on an Android device.

    The above teaser video shows off the amazing capabilities of an Unreal Engine 3 game that will be coming to a Tegra powered device next year. The game looks like a first person/action horror hybrid, and is fairly unique for mobile devices, but the graphics are impressive for a mobile device. In some ways, the visual capabilities of this game are reminiscent of some of the first series of games that came out on the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. Indeed, NVIDIA has indicated in the past that they plan to bring console level graphics to mobile devices, and it appears they are on the right track. By the end of 2012 or early 2013, we could see tablets with the same or greater capabilities than current gaming consoles.

    In a way that isn't too surprising when you consider that both of those consoles are over 5 years old now. With "Moore's Law" roughly doubling computing power every year or so, manufacturers have been able to effectively shrink that same tech into smaller and smaller scales. The visuals in this game showcase just how far we've come and how close we are to realizing those goals.

    Important note: This game is already out for the iPhone, and the video above is taken from that, but the game will be coming to Tegra powered devices in the first quarter of next year, and with the Tegra optimizations, will look even better than the video represents. To see some Tegra optimized enhanced screenshots, head over to the NVIDIA source link below.

    Source: AndroidPolice and NVIDIA - Tegra Zone
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