Analysts Predict Nexus 7 Sales Could Hit 8 Million Units This Year

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    A new analytical study suggests that the Google Nexus 7 could sell as many as 8 Million units this year. This is far higher than Google's internal estimate of just 3 Million units. Based upon a study by Gartner, Google already sold between 1 Million and 1.5 Million Nexus 7 tablets since its debut five weeks ago. Additionally, June and July shipments of Nexus 7 touch panels from TPK Holding and Wintek supposedly reached 2.4 Million, and another 6 Million are expected to be shipped in the third quarter.

    Based upon these figures, and some forward-thinking projections, Sameer Sing, founder of Tech-Thoughts, believes the Nexus 7 will likely hit a 6-8 Million figure. One other factor is that Amazon's Kindle Fire sold 5 Million units since its debut, so Google should be able to at least match that. Here's a quote with a conclusion based upon this extrapolation,

    Mr. Sing's detailed estimate is impressive and we look forward to seeing if his projections hold true.

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    does that include faulty and replaced units?

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