Android 2.3.1 issues with my device

Discussion in 'Gingerbread' started by nrkpai, Jun 21, 2011.

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    Dear Sir,
    Recently, I have purchased android tablet online from the chinese market. when I browse through this device, the Manufacturer is showing as "Unknown". The other device details are given below.

    Model number:
    Full Android on S5PV210

    Android Version

    Kernel version #320

    Build number
    full_s5pv210bena-eng 2.3.1 GINGERBREAD eng.

    In this device, I have the following problems:

    a) My location - Google Maps is not able to determine "My location" eventhough I activated determination of my location by GPS and WIFI in the settings.

    b) Reset - The factory data reset is not working. When I execute factory data reset, it just reboots. Nothing is deleted and reset to factory default. The device is not booting into recovery mode and bootloader mode.

    c) HDMI Output - When I select to see the movie on TV using different display settings for HDMI output, only the sound is transferred to the TV and not the image or picture.

    d) Laptop-USB connection - When I try to connect the device to my laptop, the device hangs on "Turn on storage" screen and will never connect to the laptop. I tried all the solution on website but no success.

    When I connect the supplier, he says they are working on to provide solutions. But it is already two months and no solution is in sight.
    As such, I want to know from this forum, what is the solution for each of my issues. Is it possible to update my OS from 2.3.1 to 2.3.3 for the given specifications above.

    Thanks in advance.
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