Android and iOS Helping Bring About The Downfall of the PC

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    Horace Dediu of Asymco used some data published by Jeremy Reimer along with some smartphone stats, updated PC data and Apple numbers from research firm Gartner, and put together a graph plotting the growth history of the PC over the last 37 years. The graph is quite telling, and really hammers home the harsh, almost Darwinian nature of evolving technologies. You can actually see certain "species" of personal computing devices die out, while others continue to thrive. However, it looks like the new "mutants" on the block, the smartphone and the tablet are contributing to the possible extinction of the PC.

    It's interesting to see the sharp rise of the Android and iOS devices as they explode onto the market. In fact, Android and iOS "account for a higher shipment volume than the entire PC industry." It will be interesting to see if ultrabooks help to evolve the PC enough to keep the species alive. If not, then the future may hold some PC/Tablet/smartphone mutation hybrid that we are not yet aware of...

    Source: BGR
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    For the past 15+ years people.have claimed the PC was dead. Whenever Microsoft says there working on a new os PC sales stagnate. Then soon after they release the new os PC sales jump. Then if the os is anything like vista they plummet.

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