Android and iOS Now 58% of U.S. Mobile Gaming - Now Kings of Portable Gaming

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    According to the progression that you can see in the pie charts above, mobile device gaming in the U.S. has been steadily growing and now rules the portable gaming market. Now, Android and iOS mobile gaming has finally unseated devices like the Nintendo DS, and the Sony PSP to become the top dog in mobile gaming, with 58%. In fact, iOS and Android generated $500 Million more revenue than DS and PSP titles this year.

    There's some other interesting tidbits to go along with this. The mobile gaming market in general has grown at a fast pace. This year's total revenue was up to $3.3 Billion, and is a 25% increase from the same time in 2010. It'll be interesting to see how some of the new powerhouse Android tablets like the Transformer Prime help drive that growth further in 2012.

    Source: via Engadget
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    Now the big question is how will Android tablets being sold by Gamestop affect the show... could be interesting to watch if Android begins to take the lion's share of the iOS&Android portion of the market.

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