Android Jelly Bean Is Version 4.1

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    An ASUS Nexus Tegra 3 Tablet Called Nexus 7
    Has Potentially Been Outed - Shows Android Jelly Bean Is Version 4.1


    "os": {
    "android": {
    "model": "Nexus 7",
    "hardware": "grouper",
    "manufacturer": "asus",
    "device": "grouper",
    "brand": "google",
    "display": "XXXXXX-userdebug 4.1 JRN51B 3XXXXX dev-keys",
    "version_sdk": "4.1",
    "board": "grouper",
    "version_code": "1"

    Note: strings replaced with XXXXX were redacted by Android Police for privacy.

    We see that the the build number is JRN51B - J being for Jelly Bean, and we also see the build and SDK versions are 4.1. So it sounds like Jelly Bean will be Android 4.1. While this cannot be concretely verified and could have been faked, we felt it was important enough to share with our readers. Guess we'll find out next month.


    Source: AndroidPolice


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