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Discussion in 'Nook Tablet' started by ElizaBethSparks, Feb 2, 2012.

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    My NT is back on 1.4.0 and I have LauncherPro with Button Savior. I have downloaded some apps from Amazon market, but right now can't get Android Market apps. It says I don't have a device. Is it not working with my NT because I am not rooted yet, or will it not ever work with it?
    Also, I had issues watching movies. I converted my digital copies(to either MP4 or 3PG), then used Handbrake. But when I went to play them, the audio would keep going while the video would stall and catch up, and sometimes stalling for good. Is this an issues with my conversion, or the NT player? Is there a better app I can get for playing movies off my SD card?
    Is ADW Launcher(I think that's what it is) better to use than LauncherPro?

    If I knew FOR SURE that I could root my NT but still be able to unroot in completely so I could use my warranty(without the company knowing it had been rooted), I would root it.
    Thanks for any help!!

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