Android Q8 Tablet stuck in CWM

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    Android Q8 Tablet

    I recently acquired an Android Q8 Tablet and proceeded to successfully root it. After looking up compatible recoveries on these forums, I flashed CWM version (turned out to be the wrong one). Now, my tablet only boots into recovery and is unable to mount anything (internal). It can't mount neither /cache nor the internal sdcard. I do believe it ought to be able to mount an external card, as there is a slot but I haven't tried it yet. ADB barely works - while it detects my device (it displays that the device is in recovery mode), any command simply results in a " <waiting for device> ". I tried the button combination to boot into download mode, but that does not work either. I'm all out of ideas - any help would be greatly appreciated!


    Almost forgot - the tablet is running Android 4.1, and I accidentally flashed a CWM for Android 4.2. My laptop is currently running Windows 7.

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