aka HaoYa Technology not a great experience, would not recommend.

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    Needed to wait until I had my paypal refund before sharing my experiences on this one.

    Came across from a suggestion on a forum somewhere..

    Interesting stuff, and I ordered one of these..

    Samsung S5PV210-A8 1.2GHz,5200mAh_8" Tablet_Android Tablet PC_Android Tablet PC_android phone-aPad wholesale Store-iRobot House - Powered by HaoYa Business in red.

    Just in case the link changes.. the spec is

    [Model] HYS8B
    [cpu] sumsang S5PV210(ARM A8)
    [frequency] 1.2GHz
    [Memory] 4GB
    [RAM] 512RMB
    [OS] Android 2.2
    [Flash 10.1] yes
    [Screen] resistance
    [Multi-touch] yes
    [Resolution] 800*600
    [WIFI] 802.11b/g
    [G-sensor] yes
    [3D Game] yes
    [Bluetooth] no
    [GPS] no
    [HDMI Video] yes
    [HDMI Output] yes
    [Camera] camera(not web)
    [Speaker] single
    [Card Reader] TF /MINI SD Card
    [Battery] 5200mAh
    [Shell] alminium
    [Weight] 700g

    Sounded great for a price of US$192 plus shipping of US$29.55.

    It arrived after about 10 days, allowing for Chinese New Year, I thought was acceptable.

    I was working away from home, so when , got my other half to open it, and it was black not red! I contacted the supplier, and no response, so after a few days raised it in the PayPal resolution center which prompted a reply saying red ones are not available, and offering me a $5 refund back into my PayPal account!!

    Got home, had my first look at the unit, and when I peeled back the protective plastic on the screen, it was cracked. Contacted the supplier, and he asked me to return it, at my cost.

    I figured 'fair enough', cost of buying online, from China, etc, etc. Cost me about $40 to send back.

    When it arrived, I was asked to pay $10 for the import tax they had to pay to receive the unit. Considering that the unit originated in China, I could get a reason why they paid it, I refused.

    Then I got an email (and pictures), showing that once they had opened up the unit, some wiring had been completely cut, and they insisted that it could not have been damaged in transit, and I'd decided to cut the wires, and then send it back for repair which would cost me $50!

    Wasn't to impressed with that, so I decided that I was on the receiving end of an attempt to gouge money from me, I escalated the PalPal issue, meaning it was a full blown issue rather than just in the system for 'resolution'.

    It took ages to be resolve, mainly because the seller was pretty crap at responding, but I've got the refund in my PalPal account, minus their handling fees of course.

    Very pleased I chose PalPay to pay, I'm down about $60, but it could have been a lot more.

    Pity about the seller, looks like they have awesome hardware for sale, back up service just wasn't there.

    Just to make sure it's clear who I was dealing with..

    ★★ HaoYa Technology Co.,Ltd. ★★
    Home page : APAD,iRobot,android2.2 tablet PC,????????-HaoYa - Apad
    Onlie Store : Android Tablet PC_android phone-aPad wholesale Store-iRobot House - Powered by HaoYa Business ; : HaoYa Technology Co.,Ltd. - null
    Mail :

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