Android ui design. What would you like to see in the future

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    Many months have passed as newer android os, s have been released, newer api, s new technology, scripts and so on and with all that newer android ui's have been born.
    The sense ui has been upgraded to 3.0
    Blur has seen its moments
    Touchwiz has seen an upgrade
    Arch for sony xperias have seen great progress
    Android ui is plain and simple along with awd and launcher pro
    Infotab home for infobar devices in china outstand the tabbing community
    Honeycomb sets its goals and development for further launchers and homes...
    New ui's being developed...
    Slic ui over at xda
    Kite ui over at xda

    What would you like to see in android as a ui or how far would you go as far as developing a whole new android enviroment for the user?

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