Andy Rubin Shares His Thoughts in Farewell Letter to Open Handset Alliance

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    Yesterday the biggest breaking news was Andy Rubin stepping down from his position as head of Android Development. He is not leaving Google but is simply passing the torch of leadership for the Android project so he can focus on something else. He shared a farewell letter to his partners in the Android Open Handset Alliance. He didn't give any details on his future plans, but if we read between the lines he intimated that there are still some big things he will be working on.

    He reminds us that at his core he is an entrepreneur, which suggests he will be working on something new and exciting at Google. We hate to see him leave Android, but if it means he can help create the next breakthrough and world-changing product, it will be well worth it. In fact, he reiterates his desire to “transform computing for people everywhere,” and although he is referring to his work on Android, we can't help but wonder if he was hinting at the future...

    Here's the full letter,

    What do you guys think he might be working on?

    Source: WSJ

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