Andy Rubin Steps Down but Stays at Google; Implies New Projects

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    Here's a huge bombshell for this fine Wednesday afternoon. Andy Rubin the Chief of Android Development at Google is stepping down from that role. Interestingly, Mr. Rubin isn't leaving Google, but is simply "starting a new chapter at Google." This leaves things wide open for rampant speculation, and the current theories suggest Mr. Rubin will be working more directly with the various secret projects at Google's X Labs. It's also possible he will spear-head more work on either the Google Glass project, the Self-Driving Car project, or both. No other reason was given for his departure from this role.

    Sundar Pichai, the current head of the Chrome and Apps projects will take over the lead role of Android. Here's a full quote from a blog post by Larry Page, the CEO and Co-Founder of Google,

    What do you guys think of this news? Realistically it probably means good things for Google in the long run, but it's hard not to be a little sad about this. Andy Rubin symbolized "Andy the Android." Now Android seems a little bit empty. Of course, it's really all in how you look at things. Now Andy the Android is off to have other adventures.

    Source: Google Blog Post - Larry Page
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