Anomalous TF300 Touchscreen Issue: Anyone else seen this? Any fixes?

Discussion in 'Asus TF300 Forum' started by JustDumpIt, Feb 9, 2013.

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    So here's a problem I'm having with my TF300 that I haven't seen anywhere else, at least not describing the exact details of what I'm seeing. I have a new TF300t. Every once in a while a randomly shaped section of the screen stops recognizing touch. Most of the time the screen is fine but I would say that about 1 in 4 times that I use the tablet for a prolonged period (1hr+) it has this section of the screen, the upper right quarter if held landscape, go partially dead. I say partially dead because sometimes when you touch that section is fires off a random tap/touch on some other part of the screen. I know this because sometimes some other app or menu will fire off, and because I've repeated traced the dead spot with various screen touch drawing/testing apps.

    Here's where it gets really weird. Some of the posts I have seen report something similar with bad connections to the screen. Hardware issue, send it in. But when I rotate the screen to get a new layout the dead zone will take another random shape in the same quadrant but not in the same shape or space. Not something I would expect if were a consistent set of loose/heat warped pins. Even more, turning the system off & on fixes the issue for the time. I've seen other posts where they reported similar lose of touch, although none mentioned most of the other details I'm including, where they said it might be due to heat. And I have noticed that intensive use seems to cause the issue more and that the back does seem to feel hot after a long session in a game or other graphics intensive app. (Anyone know what circuits lurk under that section?) However I still wouldn't expect the rotate & reshape trick or the reset to fix a heat issue to work. Additionally I've tried using a cold pack to reduce the heating and the pack didn't seem to make a difference before or after. Finally, leave the system alone for 10-15 minutes and about 1/2 the time it will go back to normal.

    Upon getting the TF300 I updated to Android 4.1.1 so I can't say if it did this under any other version. The system is unlocked now but I really don't think that is a cause and I'm on the original stock image. In other words no image hanky panky, at least not yet. (Be interesting to see if this occurs under another image. If not, possible software issue?) I've had it about 3 months now and first noticed the problem about 6 weeks ago, but it's possible I just didn't notice the issue earlier. I've done standard and hard reboots and a couple of data wipes and resets. The issue still occurs. And it's not from any app I'm bringing in causing instability, which is what the ASUS first tier tech support staffer I spoke to thought, because this is occurring on stock software after the wipe. Other info: I have the dock but that hasn't seemed to make a different, slightly flexing the unit or pressing the back has not seemed to make a difference, and charging or not charging has not seemed to make a difference.

    Kernel: 3.1.10 US; Touch Pad: ELAN-3011-4822; Build: JRO03C.US_epad-; Pad EC: PAD-EC20T-0216; Mobile Dock: DOCK-EC20N-0207 .

    So how about it? Anyone seen anything like this? Any ideas? If someone has I would sure love to hear about a fix. If not, maybe this post will at least give users some extra information if this starts happening to them. Thanks in advance.
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