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    Hello All,
    I recently bought a Huawei S7, based upon info I found here & other places. So far, I'm reasonably happy with it (battery life is not the greatest) and the SIM card slot is a bonus. Interestingly, I found that AT&T has an unlimited data plan for non-smart phones for $15/mo. With the SIM card from my non-smart phone in my S7, I now have mobile data access when I need it (which is not very often).
    Anyhow - one thing that keeps popping up on this forum is the rooting process. I have a basic understanding that doing this allows you access to portions of the O/S that you normally would not have, and you can change clock speeds, get rid of pre-installed apps you don't want/need etc.
    However - it seems that the posts assume that (and perhaps rightly) that you are already an Android/Linux developer and already know what to do once the device is rooted. It has taken me days to find out that I need some kind of app on my PC called "adb", but when I investigate this, I get directed to a site that says I have to install an Android SDK, and and installation assistance app. Then, when I try to do this install, I get an error message that says I have to have a Java environment installed. Frankly, this is getting murkier and murkier. Is there any SIMPLE tutorial that explains this stuff? I'm not a Linux developer, but I'm an engineer who writes software for 8/16 bit microcontrollers & am reasonably tech-capable. Most of my experience has been with IDE's, but I've been around long enough to have done DOS batch file editing. I just need something that says,
    1. root device
    2. Install ??? on your PC
    3. Start with this .......
    4. blah, blah
    Or, does this just make the Android gurus cringe in disgust?

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