Another security warning for Android powered devices

Discussion in 'Android Tablet News' started by dgstorm, Jul 8, 2013.

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    News is quickly spreading across the Internet of another potential security threat to Android devices.

    The BBC covered it by saying:

    The Huffington Post, went on to report that...

    Meanwhile, Ars Technica have also covered the story...

    So, while this would appear to have the potential to be a problem, there is a lot of difference between "potential" and "actual".

    What is your take on this latest security story?

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    Not really. If the vulnerability exists, it's a problem.

    Personally, it's merely one more example of one of the reasons I don't own a "smart" phone: I don't trust the security of Android devices in the least.

    What will be truly amusing is to watch how few existing Android devices get this hole closed. I'm guessing only a very small fraction.

    Some tech. security type once referred to Android as "the new Windows." I think that's giving the Android ecosystem too much credit.

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    Thanks for the writeup and practical assessement. While there is no such thing as a completely secure computer system, especially as long as humans are involved, Android is still one of the best, and elements of the well partitioned Android security strategy are still setting a great example for other OS vendors.

    Google is already scanning for the attack, so apps from Play Store will not be vectors for this attack, whether your device gets an OS patch for this or not. If you obtain apps from reliable sources you will probably not be affected by this.

    It is not a problem then for those of us who are cautious. Those who are less cautious by failing to use safe software sources, neglecting backups, using weak passwords, etc., will tend to sabotage their own systems and online security regardless of the OS. Overall, careless computing habits tend to do more damage to personal computing devices than the worst of the vulnerability exploits.

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