Anyone Use Web Templates For Building A Site?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussion' started by Purple_Star, Feb 7, 2018.

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    Are they really so nice? I'm in process of making my own blog about cooking and food so I'm searching for nice and not very expensive design tools. What alternatives to templates can I also use?
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    In case of making a cheap site you usually have two ways, to employ a freelancer for making a design (it'll be cheaper than for separate custom-designed projects) or to use web templates. First method can be nice, especially in case of uniqueness but for low price you won't get anything super cool. I also heard that some guys use simple Photoshop in this case, however this method is a bit complicated in some ways.
    On the other hand web templates are ready site design models which you can simply modify with your own hands, there's no need to have professional web designer skills in their case :) Adjusting to them usually takes no more than several days which saves your time greatly too. And they're really cheap in general, for example food template wordpress can be bought for $60 for one. There are also many resources which provide totally free web templates but they usually have some limits for design and other functions.
    Their main minuses are lack of really unique designs, also limits for modifying them and uselessness for online advertising, for example it's known that they don't attract search engines. That's why it's recommended to use them mostly for Wordpress platform which can balance this disadvantage.
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