Anything that challenges the N7 yet..?

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Discussions' started by miseryguts, Dec 6, 2012.

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    I'm in the market for a new tablet & was looking for something that has performance on a par or better than the N7 (gaming/multimedia wise) don't get me wrong I'm by no means a hater having just given my 16Gb N7 to my sister (her laptop blew up) & it's a great device for the money.
    Given the way I use tablets the lack of upgradeable storage was a big drawback for me.. just wondering if there is anything out there atm that has comparable or better spec, upgradeable storage (shh better battery life) good screen resolution/gorilla glass..?

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    the only 7 inch tablets worth spending money on at the moment are the Nexus 7 ($250 for 32gb model, but no SD card so better get 32GB) , the Amazon Kindle Fire (if you don't mind being forced into Amazon's store and rules), or the Filemate Clear , which is very new but only $149 , only walmart sells the Filemate at the moment but it has >90% good review like the Nexus 7. Personally I am waiting to see if the 32gb nexus 7 goes down to $200 on sale sometime if not I will get the Filemate for $150. If the Nexus 7 had 2 cameras and an SD slot it would be a no brainer as they both have the same ram and cpu. The Nexus 7 has the best graphics chip I have ever seen in a 7 inch tablet, but which is worth more an SD slot and 1 extra camera or the graphics upgrade - hard to tell

    according to filemate any side-loading voids RMA and warranty - so it might be bad device for developers
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