Apex 9" Tablet (AP-GS918) Stuck in Bootloop Heaven

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    Well where do i start...how about here➡so I have this tablet and it has a problem booting into the OS or whatever & I Oak Java have searched high & low for any & everything on this device to remove it from its current non-booting condition and restore it to an operational state...... needless to say the tablet is still bootlooping and there is negative to zero support for this device so I'll share all the jewels I found on my way to "Un-bootlooping Valley"

    First off if you don't know how to get into recovery mode simply hold down the -volume button & the power button simultaneously until the android recovery screen appears
    NOTE=Pay attention to your screen it should never go JET BLACK (meaning powered off)
    If it does go JET BLACK then the buttons was not pressed properly & the procedure must be restarted, however it will temporarily go BACK LIT BLACK (meaning black but lit) before the android recovery aopears.....NOTE

    This task can be accomplished but is it worth all the work is the question you must ask...
    you can find some tablet firmware by searching the pcb or motherboard for various numbers or text that can point you in the right direction by entering them into any search engine you prefer...

    These are some of the numbers on this particular device [​IMG]

    View attachment 13162

    Here are similar tablets with some type of similarity in specs & numbers⬇⬇⬇
    TMAX high definition 9' intent tablet HE -G
    NOBIS 9' tablet
    DOPO Internet tablet Gs-918 (Double Power)
    Novo tablets
    NOTE=It's highly possible to flash firmware from another device with similar specs if I am correct. .. NOTE

    Here are some sites that may help you
    And don't forget social media...

    You can search the FCC ID which will likely be stamped somewhere on the back of the device along with or without the model #[​IMG] View attachment 13164

    Also i think i found this possibly at xda

    cat /proc/mtd
    dev: size erasesize name
    mtd0: 01000000 00400000 bootloader
    mtd1: 00800000 00400000 logo
    mtd2: 00800000 00400000 aml_logo
    mtd3: 00800000 00400000 recovery
    mtd4: 00800000 00400000 boot
    mtd5: 30000000 00400000 system
    mtd6: 08000000 00400000 factory
    mtd7: 10000000 00400000 cache
    mtd8: 49400000 00400000 userdata
    mtd9: 169400000 00400000 NFTL_Part

    Whatever TF that means⬆⬆⬆
    more pics that may or may not be helpful

    There are plenty of people with this or another tablet in the same condition...I do not think it's fair for customers to be left hanging high & dry with zero support in scenarios as this or similar onesso I will not rest until this problem is resolved, well at least mines...

    **Remember spread love not war**

    Here are the board marking in text just in case you don't have super man's eyes

    A-ppS878 00 or OO

    ^⬆^AMLOGIC CHIP^⬆^

    Toshiba 522635 or 3"""""""
    Taiwan 13388AE
    TC58TF66DCJTA00 or OO

    ^⬆^TOSHIBA CHIP^⬆^

    Samsung 331
    K4B4G1646B HCKO
    ETGVQ2A8C or BC for the last two

    ^⬆^SAMSUNG CHIP^⬆^

    Motherboard random markings BELOW⬇⬇
    MS-M E198407
    RD 94V-0

    NOTE= B856 was also wrote on the board with a P-Marker
    FCC ID 2AAP6M9025...NOTE
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    I know this will work to erase but not more than that.- Perhaps someone can Help me
    Power the tablet on by Push & holding, at same time, the Volume DOWN [ - ] Button & Power Button [also ENTER button for these menus] for about 5-10 seconds and then the black screen will appear for about 2-4 seconds and then the options screen came up.
    You'll probably have to do a factory reset. Scroll down using the volume button to 'factory reset'. Now quickly press & don't hold in the on/off button. It should go to screen that has a bunch of no's & 1 yes. When you push in the on/off button to select '1 & yes', push in (quickly & don't hold in) to enter or to select that option.
    Should go to a green little robot. Wait for TMAX screen, then the GO screen. Shouldn't take over a few minutes to go to unlock screen. Do not reboot after resetting. Don't forget to push the reset on back before you start process to reset.
    I just had to reset my piece of crap again, today. Good luck, let me know! You'll have to reload all of your apps.

    FYI-I read this elsewhere and I have not been able to get this tablet up and running.

    After 2-3 hours of research, I have determined that the reason their NO infor on this tablet is because it has been renamed and rebranded.

    I searched the "FCC ID: 2AAP6M9025" on the back and found these names for this exact model number and FCC Number

    *APEX Digital 9” Internal Tablet Model: AP-GS918

    Also sold as and known as:


    *Cortex 9A... bla bla bla

    *Double Power GS-918 Dual Core Google Certified 9-Inch Android Tablet

    *DOPO GS918 9” Tablet

    *Nobis bla bla bla as well.

    Maybe this will help pinpoint what the heck to do with these tablets.
    I am not sure what Root program to use or what app to use with what root program, I do know it had Ice Cream Sandwich
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