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    To ensure you learn something new every day, we persent our Word of the Day! Southside Solutions is proud to present to you another great piece of productivity software, focused on our target market - education. Not just K-12 or College level education; rather, education in general; more specifically, your education in general. Southside Solutions Word of the Day can improve your education and scholastic aptitude. On command, a word is automatically selected from an internal database of 31 entries and presented to you with a quick synopsis of its meaning. The internal lexicon used by our Word of the Day series of software is proprietary in nature. It was compiled by a small research team, through hundreds of hours of tedious and extensive audio, video, periodical, reference and other literary research. The content in Word of the Day is correct, relevant, contemporary and of professional quality. Southside Solutions Word of the Day software randomly selects from its list of words to display. This mechanism is in place so that words are intentionally repeated. You will see the same word more than once. This software employs rote memorization as a learning tool. Southside Solutions Word of the Day provides easy, self-paced and inexpensive education. From individuals, to classrooms, to entire schools and business; everybody can benefit from an expanded vocabulary.


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