[APK] WiFix - Fixes Regional Wi-Fi problems in IceCream Sandwich

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    Original Source And Thanks: fardjad@XDA

    Please Thanks Him at His Thread If It Work For You


    I recently found out many people in certain countries no matter what kinds of devices they're using, have issues with WiFi when SIM-Card is inserted.

    I searched a little bit and realized that changing the Wifi country code in Secure system settings should solve the problem and finally made an APK for doing so automatically on phone boot and network state change events.


    You can download it and follow the updates here.

    You can also download and install WiFix Manager from Google Play.
    Make sure to rate the application.


    It's pretty easy; First of all you should have your phone rooted. Then install WiFixManager.apk on your device (Note that I also attached WiFix.apk which is for ROM cookers. You only need to download WiFixManager.apk)


    Start WiFix Manager from applications menu and tap Install WiFix (allow SuperUser permission.)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Once installed, you're ready to go. The application will change the country code when needed. You can also invoke it manually by dialing *#94349# (*#WIFIX#) and pressing the call button (don't forget to press call button; it's not a MSL code).

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    I will release updates to this tool when needed, you can easily check for updates and install them via WiFix Manager.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I'll be glad if you test this tool and tell me your opinion, report bugs, suggest features, etc. either by sending me Emails, PMs, or posting replies in this thread.

    Known Issues

    Sometimes when you reboot your phone with WiFi turned on, you won't have internet access (you can't open webpages, download files etc.) even though it says it's already connected to your router.
    This issue can be fixed by turning WiFi Off and On or dialing *#WIFIX# as described before.

    Recovery Flashable ZIP

    As requested, here's an alternative installation method, Recovery Flashable ZIP file.
    You can download it here.

    For ROM Cookers

    By placing WiFix.apk into /system/app folder you'll have a WiFix enabled ROM.
    If you're publishing that ROM, please include a link to this thread :)
    WiFix.apk can be downloaded here.

    Original Source And Thanks: fardjad@XDA

    Please Thanks Him at His Thread If It Work For You

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