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    I'm new to the whole tablet, android OS stuff and was looking to see if I could get some help. I know this isn't a great tablet, chinaman version, Plexon Superpad II. Was a gift so I can't really complain too much. It's running 2.2 version, from what I read thats the lastest verson, and I guess about a day after i started using it, I get this error.

    The application Calendar (process widget) has stopped unexpectedly.

    And asks me to "force stop" it.

    I push force stop, and about 2 mins later pops up again, and again... So I removed the widget from the main screen thinking that will help, and it didn't. So I thought I would just uninstall this app, easy peasy. BUT, went to settings> applications> Manage applications> and clicked on the Calendar Storage app, I assume its the app in question being the only calendar app, and looked to uninstall it. Yet, it will not let me uninstall the app, the button is grayed out and I cannot push it. Does anyone know whats going on with this? Is their a way to remove this app so I can stop getting this annoying error message?

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