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    **** Only available on Android Tablet devices ****

    Invisible Grip is a tiny but convenient tool for Android Tablet users to block unwanted, accidental screen touch while watch movies, ebook reading, or anything which requires you to hold your tablet for a long time. Brought you by the same Dev who made Smart Taskbar and Button Savior.

    Nowadays, Android Tablets are getting smaller and lighter and at same time, the frame between LCD screen and the edge of tablet is also getting so thin and small to hold comfortably. Every tablet user should have such experience that his finger drops on touch screen area by accident and make movie playback stops or redirect to other webpage by clicking on ads near the edge of webpage during flash move playback. Why do you need to be ultra cautious from unwanted screen touch in movie playback while making your hands and thumb sore??

    With Invisible Grip enabled, it creates two invisible strips at the left and right edge of display to block any touch event that falls on it. To disable protection, just simply draw a line on protected area. To re activate it again, just click on status bar icon located at system Bar in Honeycomb system.

    * Can display 2 invisible touch protection area at left and right
    * Able to adjust sensitivity
    * Able to disable protection automatically upon screen off

    Download From Android Market

    Comment and feature request welcome !
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    i like reading so i will have a try with this app, because there are too many unwanted touch when reading with lying on bed.
    but expect reading and watching movie, i don't think it has more improved my actions on tablet.

    Anyway, thanks for ur good idea. you always be the genius to come out good products.

    by Lalita

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