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    Galaxy Note 10.1 (JB 4.1.2)

    This app will allow you to easily manage what apps can be run in multi-window mode. Now you can have any app in multi-windows.

    There have been reports of this also working on the Note II and the SIII.

    You can take a look here to see that this is legit and not spam or malware:


    Update 1.1.3- Added support for others.xml and dexed the code so it should run a little faster now

    Update 1.1.2- Fixed a bug preventing apps from being selected by clicking directly on the checkbox.

    Update 1.1.1- You can now filter applications by enabled and disabled state

    Update 1.1- Added icons to the list and streamlined the code under the hood a little bit.

    Update 1.01- Apps not checked in the manager will be added to the feature.xml file with a preceding "-". This is to fix a bug where some apps were retaining multi-window features even after un-checking them in the manager


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