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    call me paranoid, but i was just wondering how app permissions worked... i downloaded an app from a seller that had 500-1,000 downloads. it only uses internet connection. can they use other permissions? if they set it just to this one, i would think that it limits what they use, right? also, what would the permissions be called for mic/camera on the tablet? is there any way to see what the app looks like (the code or processes)? it seems intimidating they they could really be watching/listening to you through the mic/camera, or be logging things through the internet connection.
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    Official Android Market downloads tell you what the apps is going to access and ask for your permission before installing. In Google Market there is a tab that lists the permissions. I'm not sure what the enforcement is as far as what is said and what the app actually is but at least they tell you. for the most part I don't believe there are gross violations of the stated permissions and what the app does.

    Unfortunately many apps require many permissions and if you are using apps you sort of have to become comfortable at some point that you are being tracked on an aggregate level. Supposedly your personal information isn't used but that isn't always entirely clear. It is just part of the age we live in. I wish I could give you better news.


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