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    # What it does #
    Basically what it does is it makes it possible to launch androids taskswitcher (recent apps) or call a other action by waving your finger past the proximity sensor. With a little practice this really makes multitasking much faster.

    Feel free to try it out. If anyone likes it i will put it on google play. By the way, you need root for it to work. I attached a full version except for autostart on boot that will not work in this version.

    # Instructions #
    Wave past your proximity sensor once or more for:
    - Once for recent apps.
    - Two for menu.
    - Three for back.
    - Four for home.

    Customizable settings is coming.

    # Other #

    The powerconsumption of the proximity sensor is extremely low so the impact on your battery should be fairly low. Did anyone using this notice a reduction of battery life, and I mean that in a more scientific way than just checking under battery in your system settings? Was it 5 minutes or 1 hour?

    I just noticed the app Wave control that does something similar to this. I dont need all the features wave control has, so I wont be adding them. Buy the excellent app wave control if you want that.

    Zenblom made a video of smartswitcher:

    # Confirmed working phones #
    - Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000
    - Samsung galaxy s3 i9300 international version
    - I personally tested on my Galaxy Tab 7.7 P6800 and it working! - Astrix

    Feel free to test!

    Source, Download and Thanks: ssspeq@XDA

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