Appdrawer gets black - help

Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1' started by jcee1993, Aug 29, 2012.

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    Aug 26, 2012
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    I got my new tab 2 10.1 the other day and have been playing around since..

    Just love it for all that it's worth, but I stubbled upon a problem quite soon.

    The problem is that once in a while, when i try to open the appdrawer, I see the apps for a blink but then it's get black, or as black as the appdrawer background.
    If i try to tap on an app, and I hit, it gets started. Im also able to switch to widgets, and are able to hold on them to put them on the homescreen..

    It's a irritating problem,and the quickest way to fix it is to restart the tablet.. sometimes it fixes itself but not allways as fast as i would hope..

    Hopes that I'm the only one, so you guys can enjoy your tablet problemfree.. but hopes we can solve this problem!

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