Apple Buys Chomp and Discontinues it For Android

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    For Android fans who happened to use the app searching service Chomp, you may find this news irritating. Apparently, in a bid to improve the application search and discovery features within its App Store, Apple bought Chomp. Now, after buying it, Apple decided to shut it down on Android. It has even been removed from the Google Play Store entirely. It's interesting to note that Chomp was also partnered up with Verizon to power their personal app store marketplace, but there has been no word on how/if that relationship will change. More than likely, since Verizon now sells Apple iPhones, there would be no reason to stop the service on Verizon devices, since Apple simply discontinued it on Android.

    It is likely that most Android users won't really be affected by this much, but we would still like to hear your opinion on this.

    Source: BGR and Chomp

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