Apple Succeeds in Getting Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 Banned in Germany

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    It's rather surprising that we get something new about the Apple vs. Samsung lawsuits everyday. It's not surprising from a journalistic point-of-view, but it is surprising because usually court cases take a lot longer than this. At any rate, after Samsung scored a pseudo-victory against Apple in the Netherlands, now they have scored a stinging defeat in Germany. The Dusseldorf court ruled in favor of the Apple ban on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany.

    Originally, this was a preliminary injunction to bar Samsung from selling the device in all of Europe except the Netherlands. Then, the lawsuit was downgraded by the court to include just Germany. The judge in the proceeding upheld the preliminary injunction. Now it must go before a Higher Regional Court to determine if it should become a permanent ban.

    Here's a quote from the TalkAndroid article with some details and comments from the judge,
    Samsung will appeal the ruling. Their statement indicated that the ruling “severely limits consumer choice in Germany,” and “restricts design innovation and progress in the industry.”

    Source: and via TalkAndroid and Bloomberg

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