Archos Announces New Android Tablet Called the 97 Carbon; 10-Inch Slate for $230-$250

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    Another new Android tablet is about to hit the market. This one is from Archos and is called the 97 Carbon. It actually could be a decent product because it matches up a larger 9.7-inch IPS screen with a decent price of between $229.99-$249.99. Here are a few more specs followed by the press release:
    • Ice Cream Sandwich
    • 9.7-inch IPS display
    • 1GHz processor
    • HDMI out
    • A full-sized USB port
    • Front and rear cameras
    • 16GB of storage and a microSD slot
    • 0.45-inch thick aluminum casing
    It seems that all the manufacturers, even the little guys like Archos, are striving to find ways to compete with the Kindle Fire and the Nexus 7. This is not a bad price for a decent looking device. What do you guys think?

    Be sure to check out our Archos section for more discussion on this new tablet. You can find it here:
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