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    I have an archos tablet running honycomb, I have created documents on the tablet that I want to access on the PC when its connected via USB.

    I can see all the other folder like videos, music, pictures etc but the documents folder isnt accessable.

    Does anybody know how to access this folder as I also have other documents I want to move from the PC to the tablet.

    I understand there are other ways in which I can do this but the USB method would be preferable.

    I lookforward to your comments.
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    Better question What don't I own, Oh a generic APAD
    You should be able to connect it and let your PC mount it as a removable drive. Then you can search the removable drive for those files. Once you find them, you can generally just copy and paste them back and forth. But I cannot say with authority where Archos places the files. It sometimes depends upon the application you used to create the file. What was the application you used. That will help determine the location, so you can remember.

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