[ASK] How To Connect unlisted Usb Dongle modem on Tablet Android based

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Do you wish the tablet tobe able accept all modem?

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  2. No, they have enough supported list

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  3. I m just visiting this thread, Observation mode: ON

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  1. tujuhkalitujuh

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    Hi all, I have an Epad 7 inches wtih black earphone jack, green led on and red led charging.
    The problem is I can't make it connected with internet cloud through 3g USB Dongle Huawei E153 with "Mobinil" printed on the body.

    Well my mistake was assuming that the Epad could accept any of Huawei USB Dongles, in fact one of the listed Modem Setting on 3G Setting is Huawei E160 and another Huawei that definitely different from E153.

    The Modem indicates me that it's On with the green led flashing, the same LED signal like E169 did which is can connect perfectly.

    is there any problem solving regarding this problem?
    Or any one could share the overcoming projects related with this Thread Tittle

    Thanks before

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