Asus in Fifth Place in Tablet Market; Plus Google Nexus Tablet, Jelly Bean & more!

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    In a recent PC World article we found a variety of intel ranging from Asus' future products, Android 5.0, the Google Nexus tablet name and more!

    • First, according to the latest research numbers from IDC, Asus is now ranked fifth in tablet shipments world-wide. Here's the quote, "Asus ranked fifth in tablet shipments in both the U.S. and world in 2011 with a 2.3% share of the U.S. tablet market and a 2.5% share of the worldwide market." The article also suggested that Asus is rapidly moving up that list, and will rank higher this year. Kudos to Asus for coming a long way!

    • Next, Asus is likely to be the first partner with Google for a Google tablet. Furthermore, the tablet will likely not be named the Google Nexus tablet as previous rumors suggested. Instead, the Asus made tablet will probably be called, The Google Play. This is obviously Google's way of creating a marketing theme to go with their new name switch for the Android Market. Further info seems to confirm previous rumors that this new Google Play Tablet will come with a Tegra 3 quad-core chip, Ice Cream Sandwich and will be priced at $200 dollars to compete with the Kindle Fire.

    • There's still more interesting Asus news. Apparently, Asus has an even deeper partnership with Google beyond just the Google Play tablet. Supposedly, they are working directly with Google on the next iteration of Android 5.0, which will likely be known as Jelly Bean. Also, this report suggests that Jelly Bean will be ready for release in the Fall of this year.
    Wow! How's that for some heavy news today? Yes, some of this was info we already had hints about, but it's still pretty exciting to see how things are evolving. It's sometimes great fun gleaning juicy details from the deep places of the internet! ;)

    I wonder how much of this will actually come true? Share your ideas.

    Source: TransformerForums via PCWorld
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    We all want to see lower prices & better specs. I hope it doesn't damage growing budget market by monopolising android to just the bigger companies in the future. This is the thing that makes android so appealing that ipad users just don't seem to get. They want toys that do a job, not toys that can be tinkered with. Id like to see that grow, not become another apple type corporation for the few with the money to pay for big names & tablets that can't be played around with.

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    I want gaming with my 360 controller at $200 or $350 with 10.1 and nice screen.
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    Hmm, I don't see April numbers but here is the info from 3/13/12.

    "Worldwide media tablet shipments into sales channels rose by 56.1% on a sequential basis in the fourth calendar quarter of 2011 (4Q11) to 28.2 million units worldwide, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Media Tablet and eReader Tracker. That represents an increase of 155% from the fourth quarter of 2010. The market experienced stronger-than-expected growth across many regions and at many price points, leading to a full-year 2011 total of 68.7 million units. Based upon the markets' strong 2011 finish, and the clear demand expected in 2012, IDC has increased its 2012 forecast to 106.1 million units, up from its previous forecast of 87.7 million units."

    So overall sales were up a lot and are heading a lot higher with an estimated increase of 37.4 million more being sold in 2012 than 2011.

    According to the data:

    1. Apple 15.4 million units, 54.7% 4Q11 world market share (down from 61.5% in 3Q11).
    2. Amazon 4.7 million units, 16.8% world market share 4Q11.
    3. Samsung 1.6 million units, 5.8% world market share 4Q11 (up from 5.5% in 3Q11)
    4. Barnes & Noble 0.98 million units, 3.5% world market share 4Q11 (down from 4.5% in 3Q11).
    5. Pandigital 0.70 million units, 2.5% world market share 4Q11 (down from 2.9% 3Q11).
    6. Other 4.7 million units, 16.7% world market share.

    Source with a nifty chart showing Android gaining on iOS:
    Media Tablet Shipments Outpace Fourth Quarter Targets; Strong Demand for New iPad and Other Forthcoming Products Leads to Increase in 2012 Forecast, According to IDC - prUS23371312

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