ASUS Transformer Prime Could be Delayed Due to WiFi Issues; Or Shipping Dec. 19th

Discussion in 'Android Tablet News' started by dgstorm, Dec 12, 2011.

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    The new Asus Transformer Prime had some rumored release dates that were dancing around, even after several retailers like Best Buy and Staples put the device up for pre-order. The most solid rumor put the release date of the device around December 19th or 20th. Unfortunately, an email from NCIX was just released that strongly suggests the Asus Transformer Prime would be delayed due to WiFI problems. The company even went to the trouble to offer $25 dollar off coupons to its customers who pre-ordered the device if they wanted to select another tablet. Here's the direct quote from the email, pictured above:

    Interestingly, this may not turn out to be accurate though. No other similar statements have been made by any of the other retailers. Obviously, this could be a case of this company finding out something that the others haven't yet, or that they simply don't want to release any info regarding it yet. However, in an update to the original story, Asus themselves came forward indicating that the launch date is still scheduled for this month. In fact, here is a direct quote from the Asus representative with a December 19th ship date still pending, “At this point, we still show to be on schedule to start shipments the week of 12/19. I will provide an update once I have additional information.”

    So, either it will be delayed, or it will start shipping on December 19th. It seems we are back where we started from...

    Thanks for the tip, bigfake23!

    Source: TransformerForums via MobileSyrup
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    Have noticed there is hardly any stock of these anywhere..have an order in to Amazon ..they don't expect any shipments until late April , no local Best Buy's or HH Gregg stores have any and don't know when they will be available . Calls to Asus resulted in answers bordering on insulting my intelligence . Not a happy Camper

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