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    I successfully rooted my TF tablet using this guide here (if you are not a member... join!)

    (a) Download and install all Asus Product files in step 1.
    (b) Download the two files, from both the MU and DB links in the post. Extract tf_rootkit_31 onto desktop and replace the files in root_app with the files provided from the dropbox link.
    (c) Follow the instructions, they are easy to understand and execute! Took all of 10 minutes.
    (d) Don't Forget Step 6.

    The best thing about this rooting procedure is you keep all your data, apps, etc.

    Roach`, RaYmAn and Bumble-Bee
    Mashi & Fone_Fanatic @ XDA-Developers
    Any questions asked in the XDA forums

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