Asus Zenpad 8: Abysmal GPS Performance

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    Hi all,

    Some months ago, I bought an Asus Zenpad 8 to replace a Nexus 7.

    The new Zenpad was in many ways an improvement on the Nexus 7; excellent screen, great battery life.

    But the GPS performance is terrible. It takes a long time to get a fix, and many times is unable to. When I use it for tracking using an app like Geo Tracker, it regularly loses the fix and skips long distances.

    For example, I have next to me my Zendpad and a Moto 4 G phone. I'm indoors, but near the window.

    Starting up GPS Test, the Moto gets a fix within four seconds, with 20 satellites visible.

    The Zendpad sees four, and can't get a fix.

    One of my main uses for a tablet is for me geolocation apps: Google Maps, Maps are Me, and tracking apps. This makes this Zenpad a huge disappointment.

    I've Googled this issue extensively and have never been able to find any leads. GPS performance never seems to arise these days.

    Is this particular Zenpad just a lemon?

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