At last! Decent HWR on Android with 7notes

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Apps' started by pstjmack, Apr 14, 2012.

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    First, this is not a strip of astroturf. I've been struggling with just about every handwriting recognition app available for Android and have finally found one that does the job: 7notes. It recognizes swiftly, accurately, and has a multitude of correction options to fix any errors. It has a bunch of other useful features, including note syncing to Evernote and Facebook. It allows HWR in other apps, so you can handwrite your search terms in your browser, for instance. And it's dirt cheap.

    The only downside I discovered so far is that it is a pretty chunky program. But otherwise it's a dream. At last the Android platform has something resembling Windows 7 HWR. And it even runs well on my ZTE Skate, which no one has ever praised for serious horsepower. My Android productivity has been transformed! With this app I can do 99% of what the Samsung Galaxy Note does at a minute fraction of the price. A leap forward for Android!
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    I tried this, both the input method and 7 notes. The notes app didn't seem particularly useful, the recognition was pretty good though, although I didn't like the way it limited the input string, forcing you to essentially hit enter after every 5 or 6 words. I have really been hoping for something that worked like Onenote or even the Apple Newton. Now when I was reading about it it said you could enter data now and have it recognize the text at a later time. I want sure if this was a function of the input method or only worked with the 7 notes app (which would make more sense, don't see how it could really work any other way) and this was intriguing but I didn't see an easy way to do it,I may try it again and see if this can work.
    My initial impression was that Graffiti was a bit more intuitive to use, but I know that has a lot to do with the years I spent with Palm devices and trio phones.

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