AT&T Introduces 'Next' Plan; Users can Upgrade Their Devices Once Per Year & More

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    It appears AT&T is following in T-Mobile's footsteps. They just announced a program that is similar to T-Mobile's JUMP service. AT&T's "Next" service allows customers to upgrade their tablets or smartphones once per year. This new plan from AT&T isn't just a response to T-Mobile's JUMP service though. It is also a market reaction to T-Mo's Uncarrier plans. The Next service from AT&T also allows you to trade-in devices, and/or stay off contract. AT&T's Next service will be available for consumers on July 26th. Here's the full press release below. We bolded some of the most important details,

    Here's a quick-link directly to their landing page on the new Next plan: AT&T Next - Get A New Phone or Tablet Every Year from AT&T Wireless

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