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    Asus Transformer TF300, Huwaei Ideos S7-104, HSG X5A, (Past APAD IMX515, APAD RK2808, RK2818 RT7)
    I don't have one so hopefully I'm not wrong on this, but the specifications:

    OEM cousin is the Dawa D7

    CPU: Telechips TCC8902 ARM11 @ 600 MHz
    RAM: 256MB
    Display: 7" 800x480
    Input: Single Point Resistive
    Buttons: Power, Menu, Search, Home, Back, Reset
    Connectivity: mini usb, 2.5mm headphone jack with USB hosting support (new version has 3.5mm)
    Expansion: microSD slot
    Networking: WIFI
    Android OS Version: Android 2.1

    Company announcements:

    XDA Developers:
    [Official] Augen Gentouch78 Rooting and Development [Working Android Market!] - xda-developers

    Dev Wiki:

    User wiki (Slatedroid):

    IRC DEV Chat for Augen Gentouch-DEVS ONLY!
    Freenode Java applet IRC portal

    IRC General Chat for Augen Gentouch
    Freenode Java applet IRC portal
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