Backseat Car Setup for Kids

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    Basically what I would like to do is have two tablets mounted in the backseat for the kids to either watch movies or play games on (less of the latter). I'd like the ability to remote control / limit any access on the device where necessary also. I've got the mounts pretty much sussed out so really it's the tablets/setup/software I need now.

    - Something available in Europe(Ireland) or shippable to here at non-extortionist price.
    - Price range of €70 per device max if at all possible.
    - Bluetooth for any peripherals (headphones, controller etc)
    - 7" or bigger

    Any recommendations on specific ROM(s) would also be great as I'd like to have as much remote control on them as possible. Memory is not really an issue if there is an external SD available. I'm sure other questions will emerge but if anyone has any recommendations for the above setup or examples I'd love to see them.

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