backspacing in an email causes browser to page back

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    I have yet to find a solution -or even an explanation- for this constant problem. I begin to type out an email, and make a typo. If I am lucky, I can backspace once and correct my problem. However, if I have more than one error, maybe I have transposed two letters, and have to hit the delete key twice, it will often cause my email page to page back, and the entire page is lost. Sometimes this even happens when i only hit the delete once. Although i can joke around and say that means i should improve on my typing, there is sonetimes such a lag in the response time between when i type and when it shows on the screen that it is not uncommon for letters to show up in comletely strange order. i suppose that could be a seperate issue, finding the first few letters of a sentence tacked onto the end of what i was typing. I use yahoomail. this happens whether i use the yahoo app or my regular browser to get to my email. Please help!

    I have a 8 month old Galaxy 10.1 , Android version 3.2, HoneycombOS. I have had these issues pretty much the whole time.
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