Bad Service from McBub.

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    Hello, I thought I would share my experience with so far.
    I ordered a tablet pc on the 13/11/12. I ordered the wrong item and I realized this about 10 minutes after ordering so I emailed asking them to cancel the order explaining I had ordered the wrong item.
    On it says all emails are replied to within one day. I did not receive a reply until today the 16/11/12 3 days later! The email was very annoying and written badlys. Here it is.

    thank you for your email.
    can you tell us why you wnat to cancel it? cos the tablet is the best tablet in our web. and a lot of clients can not buy it cos the tablets in the market is always not enough.and we have pick it for you it waiting for send. thank you

    In this they ask why I want to cancel it, I had clearly said in my first email that I wanted to cancel because I ordered the wrong item.
    The cost of the tablet has been taken out of my bank account and thankfully the item has not been shipped so I hopefully have a chance to get my money back.

    I have read on the internet about and I have seen a lot of negative feedback about them.
    If anyone from sees this my order number is 1073870.
    I hope that my money will be refunded soon and update their features on the website to be more accurate to what their services are.
    Thank you.
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    Hi Stinger, I am sorry for your unpleasant experience on McBub. I have conveyed your problem to our customer service department, and they told me that they have finished your issue. By the way, thanks for your advice.

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