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    These are things to look for when shopping with any vendor. These are all indicators that give a sense of reliability or vulnerability with a webpage.

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    Mcafee Safe Online Shopping


    Secure Online Payment
    Paypal, Google Checkout are example methods of payment that provide consumer confidence when paying with credit card services including VISA, Mastercard, and American Express.

    Services undergo security checks to ensure the security of their customers and their transactions.

    These services act as middleman to provide secure transactions.

    PCI Scanning and Vulnerability Web Site Seals

    Trust seal logos often appear on webpages that are regularly scanned for security vulnerabilities.

    Practically, this protects information you provide to the vendor webpage, whatever that may be.

    The PCI (Payment Card Industry) security standards council has a list of approved vendors offering security services to audit internet vendors: approved vendor ist

    Some of the more popular alternatives include:

    Mcafee Secure
    Secure Transactions | PCI Compliance | McAfee Secure for Websites


    SSL Security Certificate Seals

    SSL certifications by Verisign, Globalsign, Comodo are examples of site seals that approve of site security in security transactions.

    In a browser, you will see https, or a padlock symbol.

    Business Accreditation and Reliability Website Seals
    Example: Better Business Bureau (

    From wikipedia:

    Consumer Ratings Sharing
    These reviews do not necessarily reflect how secure a webpage is, but does speak of experience from other customers.

    Places to look include Resellerratings, Shopzilla, BizRate, YahooTopService. You may also look for third-party webpages offering reviews of the webpage. It is not good to read reviews on the sales webpage itself, as they can be faked. Some vendors have gone to the length of creating false reviews on these various webpages and internet forums.
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