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Discussion in 'WonderMedia Based' started by bluedreamer, Feb 27, 2012.

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    Hello, i have a 7" wm8650 and I flashed uberoid and now it runs much
    I had this problem right after i got it (3 weeks ago) and hoped flashing will solve
    this problem too, but unfortunately it didnt...
    So, when I charge battery full, it reads 100% but right after plugging charger out
    it shows 90% and then after few minutes it falls to around 70% and then it
    drains slowly, normally I think...
    I tried battery calibration app but no luck...
    Any suggestions?
    How long should battery last on this device anyway? I can get around 3 hours of
    active use...
    Thank you

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    Sounds a bit better than average for these tablets. They scrimped on CPU and battery to keep the costs down. Mine doesn't even get the 3 hours you are getting - I get about 1.5 to 1.75 hours. I've noticed some real differences in advertised battery capacity - not sure if they really vary that much or if there's some false advertising going on. I've had mine apart and the battery is marked as a 1400 mah.

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